Buildings can promote health—or help spread disease. Which is yours doing?A Checklist for Reopening During COVID-19 - IotaComm

Learn how to reopen your building with confidence.

Maintaining a healthy environment has always been a concern, but COVID-19 has catapulted occupant health and safety to the top of the priority list. Air quality and ventilation play a key role in a safe reopening, but how can you accurately evaluate these invisible elements—and demonstrate to occupants that the environment is safe?

Download this free guide and air quality checklist to learn:

  • What constitutes healthy air
  • How air quality can be measured definitively
  • How to ensure your HVAC equipment supports good quality air
  • How to measure both air quality and HVAC functionality going forward

Find out how you can see and gain control over these perceived invisible elements of your facility.

Download the checklist today.